Rewind to spring 2000 – I remember that phone call well.

A textile design student, soon to graduate from the Royal College of Art in London with a Master of Arts degree in Constructed Textile Design
” Would you consider to visit Sweden to have an interview for a textile design role at a
Swedish industrial textile manufacturer?”
I moved to the rainy town of Borås in august 2000 – the interview was successful

Borgstena Textile was a renowned textile company offering design, product development and manufacturing of textiles for the automotive and transport industries north of Borås.
To this day, I value strongly the positive experiences and competences that I gained from working in an industrial textile factory with skilled technicians, engineers and
responsive management teams.
In this environment I saw day in day out fabric come to life.

I gained insight to how and why
design, technical requirements, quality and cost were dependent on each other,
to listen, respect and interpret the customer’s needs
that authentic product development takes time and perseverance.

I reviewed metre after metre of fabrics
investigated faults and proposed improvements
I gained knowledge of fabric quality testing in accordance with ISO standards
My interest for materials became much more than just design.

I travelled globally to present concepts
meeting many fantastic people
listening to their needs.

The automotive industry continued to have a strong influence on my career.
In recent years, I have had the privilege to work as a consultant in Product Design depts. for distinctive, premium automotive and transport brands.

I am proud to design and develop colour and materials in roles
where I create and judge the appearances both as individual surfaces and together,
when materials unite to create the total experience for the customer.

I see beauty when material is wrapped over a 3D form
I hear noise when one caresses the surface
I feel the flow of a form
I smell all the ingredients
I sense excitement in the room before and after the prototype is revealed

I love having the opportunity to visit many industrial factories
to speak to technicians
to analyse with engineers
to plan with managers

Industry is where I feel at home
I respect industry
I cherish collaboration

I offer to you my experiences and competences

I will never stop learning
I prioritise my development

Let me offer you my experiences and competences